Bar Lighting Effects?

Answer When most people think of bar lighting, they may think of dimly lit, possibly smoke-filled pool halls; this is ceasing to be the case. Many bars these days cater to a specific demographic, using th... Read More »

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How to Make Awesome Lighting Effects in Adobe After Effects?

As a filmmaker, you an spice up an action sequence by adding an awesome lightning effect around your character. Adobe After Effects is editing software that is designed to do just that, among many ... Read More »

Band Lighting Effects?

Lighting for a band concert is much more than applying illumination to the stage. While concertgoers will certainly appreciate being able to see the band, they will enjoy the show more if the light... Read More »

How to Create Lighting Effects?

A film or video production's mood is not so much a result of what is shot, but how it is shot. Lighting effects have a strong hand in how a production is perceived by the audience which has been bu... Read More »

Gimp Lighting Effects?

The GNU Image Processor (GIMP) is an open-source image processing software package that is similar to Photoshop. GIMP runs on many different platforms, including Linux, Unix, Windows and MacOS. As ... Read More »