Baptist Colleges in Kentucky?

Answer According to the Kentucky Baptist Convention ( -- a part of the Southern Baptist Convention ( -- Kentucky has approximately 780,000 Baptist Christians attending at over 2,400 ... Read More »

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Missouri Baptist Colleges?

The state of Missouri lies in the Midwestern region of the United States. Various denominations that share the name Baptist have a presence throughout Missouri. In addition to Baptist churches and ... Read More »

Baptist Universities & Colleges?

The Baptist denomination is a sect of the Judeo-Christian faith which has a heavy presence in the United States, primarily in the Southeast region of the country. Baptist-affiliated universities an... Read More »

Mississippi Baptist Colleges?

The Baptist Church took root in American soil in the 17th century under the aegis of Roger Williams, better known as the founder of Rhode Island colony. Baptist involvement in higher education date... Read More »

Black Baptist Colleges?

Baptists have founded educational institutions as a result of their concern for the spiritual welfare of all people, irrespective of race. Historically, this spiritual concern resulted in the found... Read More »