Banned from mlp wiki chat, please read and help!?

Answer Yes, the age limits cause more probs than they avoid.Create a nuther acct, unless they banned your IP which seems extreme.WP is a paradox: the final product is priceless, but the internal admin is... Read More »

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How to get my wiki account unblocked if my IP address was banned due to being hacked?

use a proxie server it will change your ip address and get you unbanned agian.Use ultra surf

How to Avoid Being Banned from a Windows or Linux Irc Chat Channel?

Windows and Linux IRC chat channels are a lot stricter than the forums. And people are more likely to get banned from the IRC channels than on the forums. Even for the slightest breach of the rules... Read More »

When you read a Wiki article, do you check the sources?

I check the sources, but I rarely read Wikipedia articles. In fact, I usually disregard anything other than the references cited and the external links. I can get almost any book from the library, ... Read More »

Very innapropriate content on Wiki site. (Please read) ?

The power of a wiki is that everybody is allowed to add pages and content. However, some people use this power for evil and post spam and/or porn videos. You should report these videos at the websi... Read More »