Banned from Wikipedia?

Answer Just walk away. Wikipedia isn't worth your time. Congratulations on being banned. Now you have a life.

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Is it possible to get banned from wikipedia?

No one is banned for simply editing, or indeed, for trivial offenses. A ban would only occur after it has been demonstrated that you are there to harm, not help, the encyclopedia.

Why were you banned from Wikipedia?

I created a sockpuppet and intentionally edited disruptively with it to see where the limit was. There was a discussion at ANI and the sock was banned. I certainly regret it now - I created all tha... Read More »

I've been banned from Wikipedia for vandelism. Any help please?

You should have received warnings before you were banned, which it is a good idea to listen to. If this is your first ban it is usually for 48 hours. Then you will be able to log back on, and you... Read More »

I've got banned from Wikipedia for personal attacks. Any help please?

I can both help you and give you advice about the situation. First, no ban from Wikipedia is permanent. You were only banned because we did not think you would quit making personal attacks in the s... Read More »