Bannanas in or out of the refridgerator?

Answer You have to keep them out. They get very soft and brown very quickly if you put them in the fridge. But if you want to make banana bread with them, then by all means, cool away.

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What can I do to get bad smells out of the refridgerator?

I heard putting an open box of baking powder in the fridge is the easiest way. That's if you don't have time to clean it out.

What one thing do you always have in your refridgerator?

I got a piece of ice under the refridgerator?

The piece of ice will melt and the water will soon evaporate under the heat of the refrigerator

Hey is ur refridgerator running?

Yah, but it came with a built-in leash which I attached to the wall. It can't go far.Hang loose, brudda!