Bankruptcy and student loans?

Answer I agree with Suddenly Human. I would recommend that you look at the income-based repayment plan and think about applying. Your payments are extended for 25 years... but in your case, I don't thin... Read More »

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Can you include student loans in a bankruptcy?

For some consumers, bankruptcy can provide the ultimate fresh start by forgiving overwhelming debts. But if you think bankruptcy will wipe out your student loans, think again. In most bankruptcy ca... Read More »

Wiping out student loans in bankruptcy?

You can not default on a loan to the government. You can skate by with just about every other debt, but when you owe taxes or any other type of payment to the government, you're in it for life. I... Read More »

Does Bankruptcy Forgive Student Loans?

Congress was granted the authority to enact bankruptcy laws by Article I, Section 8, of the United States Constitution. Bankruptcy laws have evolved considerably since the early days of the republi... Read More »

How to Repair Student Loans Through Bankruptcy?

Over the past few years the amount of government funding for post secondary education has decreased, and the level of student debt in Canada and the USA has increased. Decent jobs are hard for stud... Read More »