Bankruptcy: Can They Take My Furniture?

Answer There are several situations that can exist in a bankruptcy proceeding involving furniture. Furniture can be rented (in which ownership is not transferred to the debtor), leased to own, purchased o... Read More »

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Can you buy furniture during Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

The guidelines for Chapter 13 bankruptcy do not explicitly forbid the purchase of furniture. However, most people who declare Chapter 13 have little or no discretionary income. The purchase of furn... Read More »

In what year was the JD Furniture Company of Bronx New York making bedroom furniture with lion head hardware?

==Answer== The lion's head motif was popular in the mid 1800's. I did not find a JD Furniture Company.

Who designed furniture for Royalchrome furniture in 1937?

What is the difference between moderne furniture vs modern furniture?

Moderne: Striving to be modern in appearance or style but lacking taste or refinement; pretentious. Modern: Of or relating to recent times or the present