Bankruptcy: Can They Take My Furniture?

Answer There are several situations that can exist in a bankruptcy proceeding involving furniture. Furniture can be rented (in which ownership is not transferred to the debtor), leased to own, purchased o... Read More »

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Can they take my house in Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

You will not necessarily lose your house if you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Your house will be abandoned to you if there is no equity in the house. The lender retains the right to foreclose if you d... Read More »

Can they take my home in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Alabama?

If your home is worth more than $5,000, you likely will lose it by filing for Chapter 7 debt relief, according to the Total Bankruptcy website and the book, "How to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy." ... Read More »

Can they take my tax refund every year after i file bankruptcy?

Exemption laws are in place to safeguard income tax refund checks. However, this really depends on the state in which you filed and the situation in which you filed bankruptcy.Source:Oklahoma-bankr... Read More »

Can they take my tax return every year after I file bankruptcy?

For a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a tax return is only subject to seizure by the trustee during the bankruptcy proceedings. Once the case has been discharged the court cannot take your tax return in foll... Read More »