Bank draft that states UFLIC - 30UFLIC Ins?

Answer my father has money taken out how do i find about benefits

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What Is a Bank Draft?

In the world of banking, sometimes a person needs more than just a personal check or credit card to make a payment. However, carrying large amounts of cash can be impractical and risky. So banks ha... Read More »

Bank Draft Vs. Certified Check?

Bank drafts and certified checks are typically used when a person or entity is concerned about taking a personal check and wants to make sure there is sufficient money to cover the value of the che... Read More »

What is an international bank draft?

There are several different ways to transfer money from one person to another. A bank draft allows you to transfer money to another business or person internationally.Wire TransferAn international ... Read More »

What are bank draft checks?

A bank draft check, a term frequently used in the United Kingdom, is more commonly known in the United States as a cashier's check. A bank draft check is generally used to guarantee the funds are a... Read More »