Banged my head earlier today and now feeling sick?

Answer Go to the doctor to check for a concussion. I'm not sure if this next part is true but don't fall asleep either, that might mess something up.

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A child has a cut head which is bleeding heavily, but is pale and feeling sick, should the feet be raised?

Well, the child needs to be taken to hospital, but while you're waiting for an ambulance (unless the hospital is close by and you can take them in a car) the child should be laid down with the head... Read More »

Banged my head?

if you feel dizy get it checked out or but an ice pack or a packed of frozen peas on the bump

I banged my head on headboard?

Paranoid. Stop worrying you're fine.As a kid I banged my head into everything, it was ridiculous. Never got a concussion.

I banged my head and ive got a headache?

lol no. Just don't do that again!P.S. I've had concussions on my head and amnesia before. They're serious but you'll live. If anything changes with your symptoms then yeah, I would definitely c... Read More »