Band on my braces came off?

Answer its not a big deal actually,when i had mine i got into an accident and my rubber bands popped off some and wires where all over the place i had to cut them myself so it wouldnt hurt me but after th... Read More »

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Rubber band on bradcet of braces came off?

If you still have the rubber band then just put it back on. It's super easy. Use a toothpick if you have to. Search up a video on YouTube? Mine kept coming off partially when I first got my braces ... Read More »

The brace on my braces the glue came off it right, but I left it there with the rubber band attached and I?

Your stomach acid will dissolve it. Its too small to do any damage.

Bracket came off braces HELP?

Call your orthodontist. It might not be your fault, maybe they didn't use enough glue. I used to have brackets pop off all the time, and I followed all the rules extra carefully. Don't stress out, ... Read More »

Braces Rubber Band Colors!?