Bamboo close to house?

Answer They might do damage if it is planted and growing right next to the foundation. They don't send out roots like a tree does. Their rhyzome root system stays fairly close together and spreads out lit... Read More »

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Would you buy a bamboo house?

Probably not - even though that it is known to be strong against tough winds - Just by making houses out of Bamboo trees in a way we are wiping out the food that the Pandas usually feast on - as we... Read More »

Would you buy a house made from bamboo?

I plan to build my house out of straw. Literally. Hay bales make great houses, covered in a thin skin of cement they are insulated, fire proofed with wall linings and when pulled down after 100 yea... Read More »

How to Prune Bamboo House Plants?

Growing bamboo indoors or growing lucky bamboo, which is similar but not actually bamboo, the plant ultimately will have to be pruned. Bamboo and lucky bamboo grow tall over time, with the genuine ... Read More »

How to Close Down a House for Winter?

Closing down a house for the winter is an important step for those who move on to a second house for the season. Without this step, you can return to a house in the spring that is damaged and could... Read More »