Bamboo Plant Support?

Answer Bamboo plant supports are increasingly popular with many gardeners, as they are inexpensive, easily modified and come in many types, from stakes to trellises. They are made from the fast-growing st... Read More »

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How do I start another bamboo plant from existing plant?

Obtain CuttingCut a firm, green section of the 1- to 2-year-old bamboo stem (culm), with three nodes. Use a sharp knife to cut a notch in the middle of the internodes (stem between nodes) to expose... Read More »

Is the lucky bamboo plant a good clean-air plant?

On One Hand: Good at Cleaning the AirTo date, no concrete clean air studies have been conducted on lucky bamboo, which is actually a lily plant in the Dracaena family. However, in general, Dracaena... Read More »

How do I transplant a bamboo plant?

Transplant bamboo during warm weather. Purchase bamboo in pots or dig up the roots--called rhizomes--from existing plants. Separate the clump at the joints and replant it immediately.Plant the bamb... Read More »

How do i plant bamboo in a perforated pot?

PrepareChoose a clumping variety of bamboo for growing in a perforated pot. Running bamboo is invasive and does not acclimate well to a pot environment. Fill the pot with rich, quick-draining potti... Read More »