Ball Joint Service Tools?

Answer The ball joint, a ball-and-socket arrangement, lets the steering suspension pivot, allowing the vehicle to turn. Similar to a hip ball and socket, the part wears due to the twisting and torquing mo... Read More »

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Ball Joint Removal Tools?

Ball joints on any vehicle carry the responsibility of keeping the front end chassis level and tight, while at the same time allowing downward and side motions to be absorbed. The ball joints conne... Read More »

Mercedes W126 Ball Joint Tools?

The Mercedes Benz W126 is one of the first S-Class vehicles that Mercedes Benz produced. Manufactured between 1979 and 1991, the W126 had the longest production life of any of the S-Class vehicles ... Read More »

How to Fix a Bad Ball Joint?

The ball joints in a vehicle connect the control arm to the steering knuckle or column and hold the front suspension of the vehicle together. Depending on the type of front-end suspension system yo... Read More »

How to Use a Ball Joint Press?

If the front suspension of your vehicle starts feeling sloppy, or if you start to notice poor tire wear, the reason may be bad ball joints. Replacing them should take about an hour, and requires so... Read More »