Ball Joint Removal Tool Instructions?

Answer A ball joint contains two halves that are pressed together. The top half is a round ball, as the name implies, and the bottom half is a straight shaft where the ball locks on top. The ball rotates ... Read More »

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Powerbuilt Ball Joint Removal Tool Instructions?

Powerbuilt tools are available at most auto parts stores, where they can be rented so you can do your job without making a major investment. The ball joint removal tool is a specialty tool that mos... Read More »

How to Use an OTC Ball Joint Removal Tool?

The OTC ball joint removal tool is a hand press that can be used to remove or install ball joints for a variety of applications. The tool is essentially a C-clamp with a variety of adapters that al... Read More »

How to Use a Ball Joint Tool?

A ball joint tool, also called a "pickle fork", looks like a large fork with a handle on the end of it. The tool is used to separate ball joints from steering knuckles and control arms on a vehicle... Read More »

Ball Joint Removal Tools?

Ball joints on any vehicle carry the responsibility of keeping the front end chassis level and tight, while at the same time allowing downward and side motions to be absorbed. The ball joints conne... Read More »