Bald-Men Hairstyles?

Answer Hair loss is a normal part of the aging process for most men. According to the Mayo Clinic, heredity plays a significant role in how early you will start losing your hair. It isn't unusual for some... Read More »

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Your year old daughter has a bald spot the size of a dime What could be the cause this bald spot was just notice during this weekend?

Why Do Men Go Bald?

The patterns of hair loss may vary, but it strikes a sizeable chunk of the male population with certainty. Beyond age 20, many healthy males experience hair loss. An average healthy male has approx... Read More »

Why do men bald?

A normal cycle for hair growth lasts two to three years. During that time, a person sheds hair daily, which is normal. However, some people have abnormal amounts of hair loss.IllnessSometimes after... Read More »

Is bald a haircolor...?

Only if nudity is just another clothing option.