Balcony Fencing Ideas?

Answer Balconies add a distinctive look to a home, office and building. Most balconies have a railing, which is a shortened form of fencing. The railings primarily serve as a safety border to help prevent... Read More »

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Condo common area private use balcony who pays for balcony damage?

Read your governing documents to determine whether or not the private-use balcony is considered 'limited common area'.If it is, the association is responsible for its upkeep. You may be responsible... Read More »

Balcony Furniture Ideas?

Balconies come in all different sizes, so there are many different furniture options available to meet various needs. Some pieces of furniture can even double as storage to maximize the amount of s... Read More »

Timber Fencing Ideas?

Whether you already have a timber fence or looking to add one, a timber fence can add a bit of modern or rustic appeal to your property, depending on how it's decorated. Timber fences are fences th... Read More »

Bamboo Fencing Ideas?

Bamboo is a woody, fast-growing grass that sprouts into long, straight poles. It is a cheap and durable material used extensively in Asia and is increasing in popularity in America. Bamboo can be u... Read More »