Bailout Plans and Foreclosure?

Answer Bailout plans are designed to help large financial institutions and insurance agencies lessen the impact of loss tied to the rising rates of foreclosures. Bailout plans offer these institutions a h... Read More »

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How to Negotiate the Best Offer on a Foreclosure or Pre Foreclosure?

Just because you’re not an expert doesn’t mean you should be too intimidated to make an offer on a foreclosure. You don’t have to start with offering more than you ideally want to pay because... Read More »

Are state retirement plans considered pension plans?

Retirement plans sponsored by states are considered pension plans. There are two types of pension plans to choose from--a defined benefit plan or a defined contribution plan. The benefit plan tells... Read More »

When did AIG ask for a bailout?

The U.S. Government took over almost 80 percent of AIG's stock in return for $85 billion in September 2008. In the days leading up to the deal, AIG was close to filing for bankruptcy, but negotiati... Read More »

What was the biggest U.S. bailout?

The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) represents the largest government bailout in U.S. history. Congress established TARP with the October 2008 passage of the Emergency Economic Stabilization A... Read More »