Bags for the shark plus Euro-Pro 1200 w vacuum cleaner?

Answer Many can'tMany cannot be safely moved or even positioned on their sides. Certainly, units with coils in the back should never be rested on their backs. Some units have fragile copper refrigerant ... Read More »

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You are looking for a replacement hose and wand for your vacuum cleaner model 3500 euro pro shark canister?

Where car you buy a shark vacuum cleaner locally?

Shark Plus vacuum cleaner does not turn on?

Various AnswersThe refrigerator should be at about 35°F (1.6°C) which is above freezing, so your milk won't freeze.The refrigerator should be set between 40°F and 34°F (~4.4°C to 1.1°C). The ... Read More »

Is the euro clean turbo vacuum cleaner good?

Depends on the fridge, location - meaning hot or cold climate, fridge location in the house, how many times the door is opened, and how much stuff is in the fridge.