Baggage Limits for International Flights?

Answer Although baggage allowances vary between carriers, it is a general rule that airlines allow more baggage on international flights than on domestic routes. For your own peace of mind and ease of tra... Read More »

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Luggage Weight Limits for International Flights?

Luggage weight limits for international flights are determined according to destination, flight class and cost. Although carrying several similarities, luggage weight restrictions vary depending on... Read More »

JetBlue Baggage Limits?

Between carry-on item sizes, checked item size and weight limits, fees and quantity restrictions, all of which vary from airline to airline, airline baggage limits can be very confusing. It is impo... Read More »

Jet Blue Baggage Limits?

JetBlue, founded in 1999, has continued to grow as an airline, adding new routes and services each year. JetBlue flies to cities in the United States as well as to sunny destinations throughout the... Read More »

Thai Airways Baggage Limits?

The baggage limits on Thai Airways' flights depend on whether you are flying to or from the United States and Canada, or to or from the rest of the world.