Baffled about this wi-fi on printer ... although I've read the instruction book!?

Answer your printer IS a wireless capable printerthere are a few things to knowfrom the specs it seems it IS compatible with most security settings so if your router uses WEPor WPA or WPA2 you should be o... Read More »

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How do you correct the following sentence Leah read avidly about gardening although she had never planted one herself?

Answer One what? 'one' needs to link back to a thing mentioned earlier in the sentence. So you could say Leah read avidly about GARDENS although she had never planted one herself. then 'one' means ... Read More »

Baffled about prescription refill?

Tramadol isn't a scheduled drug so you shouldn't have a problem picking this up early. *If I were you, I would go to a different pharmacy.* They are either a) like you said being hardasses or b) fo... Read More »

How to Read a Book and Talk About It?

"And what's the answer?" Asked my teacher. I didn't know because I didn't read the book, so I nodded occasionally.

Have any of the yahoo mummy read this book?