Bad webcam quality on tinychat?

Answer Hey!Try clearing up your browser history and cache and see if your internet is working properly or not. Also, check that your webcam software is up to date and working perfectly. Out of those, the ... Read More »

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Is there a way for me to fix the quality of video taken by my webcam?

Try using the highest bitrate and frame rates and make sure you've got lots of light. If that doesn't so it, try capturing the video using Windows Movie Maker - it should already be on your laptop.

Picture quality with webcam?

You could try adjusting your contrast , your brightness , saturation etcAll these contribute to the quality of picture too Or it could be that your cam is not of the best quality Good luck

Does this webcam C920 better quality then Kodak M530?

They are so different they cannot be compared at all.How do you expect to carry around a webcam when you are out having fun with your friends?

How to Set Up a Tinychat Account?

While you can use Tinychat without creating an account, if you use it a lot you'll probably want to set one up. It'll help people get to know you, and it'll also make your room more likely to get v... Read More »