Bad sore throat with bad all around neck pain how can you get rid of it?

Answer yes to make sure there not on drugs or anything. if there gonna be professional they have to be clean and healthy

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My 5yr.old temp 101.8-102.9 fever and neck pain,limbs are sore. I noticed white dots on throat.viralstrep?

Your son really cannot be diagnosed over the phone. Yes, it is possible that this is a viral infection. But, you need to rule out Strep or any other Bacterial infections.I think the doc. was quick ... Read More »

Night sweats, sore neck, sore throat. How to get rid of ASAP?

If you haven't gone already, I hope this helps.The best way to tackle something like this quickly is to:= drink lots of fluids - I mean lots;= take LARGE doses of vitamin C - several thousand milli... Read More »

What causes pain with mild swelling just below the ear that can spread to the cheek and includes neck pain for flexion and turning toward the sore ear?

This is usually due to inflammation of parotid gland or lymph node inflammation.

The gums around my broken tooth is VERY swollen and my neck and throat are sore. What could be the problem?

You could very well have an abscess. Get it checked out.Go to another dentist.Make a payment plan.