Bad service in vegas--ON PURPOSE!?

Answer Maybe you are thinking of Dick's Last Resort. They are known for being intentially rude and crude. It's at the Excaliber Hotel.

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Can you take a service dog into a Las Vegas hotel on the Strip?

Service dogs are allowed in all Las Vegas hotels on the Strip. According to Nevada State Law, it is illegal to discriminate against people with disabilities, including people accompanied by a servi... Read More »

What Is the Purpose of Service Dogs?

Service, or assistance, dogs are the animal heroes of our world. They guide people who cannot see into public places and around their homes; tell their owners who cannot hear that the doorbell is r... Read More »

What was the original purpose of the Secret Service in relation to money?

Uniformed Division officers are generally hired at the LE-1 grade levels with a starting 2009 starting salary of $50,787. Fopr further information see the below link:

Coast guard Investigative Service statement of purpose?

The pay system is the same for all military services depending if you're enlisted, a warrant officer or commissioned officer.I hope that helpsYNCSOHV