Bad face mark from accident help!?

Answer It sounds like your using the right treatment. You could also use bio-oil, but that doesn't work over night, you just have to apply it everydayHope this helps :)

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I have a red mark on my face. Help?

Aloe vera gel.. dont put any cream or oil first. let the skin heal and not dry.

.CR2 Files won't upload from my Canon 5D Mark II - help?

Do this.Insert your memory card(s) in to a card reader.Use Finder to copy (NOT move) all the images to your computer to a new file folder named for the client and date. This way you will be able t... Read More »

You are treating an Airman who has sustained face and mouth injuries from a HMMWV accident You know you will need to use a nasopharyngeal device to maintain an open airway The first step prior to in?

measure the airway to ensure the correct size nasopharyngeal airway is being used

Can Aquaphor Healing Ointment help with the burn mark on my neck from my curling iron/wand?

No, you need a scar cream at this point. Maderma or vitamin E ointment.