Bad breath when I wake up in the morning?

Answer Everyone has bad breath in the morning, so before school or work, brush your teeth or use some oral care that we can find here… in order that we can cure ... Read More »

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Why does your breath stink when u wake up in the morning?

I believe because when you're sleeping you are not building up saliva so your mouth gets dry, salive washes away bacteria that builds in your mouth when you sleep its dry so nothing is washing away... Read More »

What caused me to wake up in the middle of the night not able to breath?

You could have dust mite allergies - which might have kicked off a asthma reaction. If you wake with congestion and sinus drainage, and clear up after showering and leaving the house, this could b... Read More »

Do you like what you see when you first wake up in the morning?

I refuse to look in the mirror. I hate everything about the way I look right now, especially the extra weight I am carrying. The first thing I really get to see is my beautiful baby girl ready to... Read More »

Can't wake up in the morning?

You need a regular routine, with two aims a) to get you to wake up at the right time b) to get you up and out the house in time to get to work.Try the following:At night:* go to bed at the same tim... Read More »