Bad belly pain.... PLEASE HELP?

Answer Jeez, could be a lot of things, from gas to food poisioning or worse. Go to the doctor TODAY.

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Belly button piercing help! Please!!?

Ok, someone tells you to put alcohol or peroxide on it, smack the hell out of them. They obviously have no clue on what they are doing.You said it was fine until you changed the piercing. It sounds... Read More »

Pain.... Severe pain! Please help!?

you bruised your coxicks (sp?) bone and it really does hurt. You need to rest. it will heal on its own. You can take a warm bath in the meantime, or better yet, use ice there in a plastic bag to... Read More »


As a pharmaceutical tech i get calls like these all night long. Here is my response ( i have memorized it) "The symptoms you are experiencing are severe. You need to seek medical help as soon as yo... Read More »

Belly button piericng is infected/rejecting. please help?

my niece had her button pierced and it went infected and it went red and sore she went to the doctors and he removed the piecing because it was seeping yellow stuff then he gave her a course of med... Read More »