Bad Temperature Sensor Symptoms?

Answer The coolant temperature sensor in an automobile is responsible for relaying engine engine temperature by measuring the temperature of engine coolant to the car's on-board computer. When this sensor... Read More »

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Where is the temperature sensor on a gmc 4.3?

The temperature sensor on a GMC 4.3-liter engine is on the engine block. Look on the driver's side at the rear of the block. The temperature sensor is next to the last spark plug by the manifold.Re... Read More »

What Is Temperature Sensor II?

Temperature sensors convert changes in temperature and temperature gradients into a signal that is readable by an instrument. A temperature sensor II is screwed into the cylinder head and used to m... Read More »

Air Temperature Sensor Failure?

The air temperature sensor is used by fuel-injection engines. The purpose of the sensor is to help the on-board computer calculate air density. Any miscalculation of the air density will lead to th... Read More »

Where is the temperature sensor on a BMW R 1100 RT?

The air temperature sensor on a BMW R 1100 RT sits on the air filter housing. Remove the fuel tank to access the air filter housing; the sensor lies on top of the housing, with an electrical wire c... Read More »