Bad Oil Filter Symptoms?

Answer When an oil filter goes bad, you may not have any clue at all. Oil filters are designed with a safety feature that allows unfiltered oil to continue into the engine, because unfiltered oil is still... Read More »

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Fuel Filter Symptoms?

Fuel filters are part of the fuel-delivery system in vehicles. The fuel filter ensures particles that could clog fuel injectors are filtered out of the fuel. Because fuel filters catch sediment, ov... Read More »

Bad Fuel Filter Symptoms?

A fuel filter keeps out dirt or debris particles from a vehicle's fuel line and prevents their entry into a vehicle engine. A filter that goes bad or fails to function properly can cause an assortm... Read More »

BMW Clogged Fuel Filter Symptoms?

Fuel filters help clean your fuel of dirt particles before it flows into your fuel injector. A clogged fuel filter can decrease the amount of fuel being sent into your fuel injector, thus causing y... Read More »

What Are the Symptoms of a Dirty Fuel Filter?

When a dirty duel filter is left for too long without cleaning or replacement, there is a good chance it will become clogged, which can affect engine performance. The easiest way to tell if your fu... Read More »