Bad Ignition Module Symptoms?

Answer Since Pertronix (then Pur-Lux) began marketing the first electronic ignition retro-fit for cars in the early 1970s, the race has been on amongst manufacturers to create the most powerful and effici... Read More »

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Ignition Module Symptoms?

A vehicle ignition system includes the spark plugs, the ignition coil and the ignition module, which is also called the ignition control module. All of the parts work in conjunction with the contro... Read More »

Faulty Ignition Control Module Symptoms?

An ignition module is a device in your car's ignition system that triggers the ignition coil, creating the spark that transfers to the spark plugs via the spark plug wire. Ignition modules lead a h... Read More »

Symptoms of Ignition-Control Module Malfunction?

The ignition-control module is an essential part of a vehicle's ignition system. It works in conjunction with other ignition-system parts, such as the spark plugs and ignition coil, to start a vehi... Read More »

Common Nissan Ignition Module Symptoms?

The ignition module helps a vehicle's ignition system maintain enough spark to start the engine, and any problems in its components can adversely impact the car's performance. Nissan, a Japanese au... Read More »