Bacterial Pyoderma in Dogs?

Answer A bacterial infection, pyoderma--which literally translates as "pus in the skin"--can affect a dog's overall health mildly, or cause severe illness, even death. Diagnosis will include determining w... Read More »

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Moist Pyoderma in Dogs?

Hot spots, or moist pyoderma, can arise unexpectedly and quickly on your dog's skin. It is marked by red and painful spots on your dog's skin, which can erupt into open wounds if not treated quickl... Read More »

Superficial Pyoderma in Dogs?

Superficial pyoderma in dogs is a bacterial infection that involves the epidermis and other portions of the hair follicles that are near the surface of a dog's skin. If the underlying cause of supe... Read More »

Feline Pyoderma?

The term feline pyoderma refers to any bacterial skin infection that occurs in the cat. Feline pyoderma is easily treated once it is diagnosed, and knowing more about this condition will enable you... Read More »

What is canine pyoderma?

Canine pyoderma is the clinical term for a type of skin infection that occurs in some types of dogs. Breeds most commonly affected by the infection include dogs with wrinkles or folds in the skin, ... Read More »