Bacteria used in themaking of pickles?

Answer Many types of fine china are in fact dishwasher safe. Unless you have very delicate pieces with metal accents you should be able to place them in the dishwasher. Most dishwasher safe plates will st... Read More »

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Why are vaccines used to kill bacteria?

Vaccines do not affect bacteria. Vaccines are given to make your body produce antibodies against a virus. Antibiotics are used to kill bacteria. Wrong. Vaccines are used to make your body produce... Read More »

Name of Bacteria Used to Clean Up Oil Spills?

Oil spills aren't just messes, they're critical dangers to wildlife and the general environment, and unfortunately, they are as difficult to clean up as they are destructive. The good news, at leas... Read More »

Anti-Bacteria Solutions That Can Be Used With a Waterpik?

If you have gum disease, a Waterpik is vital for cleaning under the gums, where a toothbrush is ineffective. Waterpiks are also useful in cleaning around braces. Using an anti-bacterial solution, i... Read More »

How does Special warming ovens are used to help bacteria grow?

If you mean that the (heavy duty) extension cord has a wire size of #14 or #12 wire in it and that the length is not over 50 feet then you will have no trouble running a refrigerator. Keep in mind ... Read More »