Bacteria That Grow in the Refrigerator?

Answer Bacteria are microscopic organisms that grow in different conditions. Certain bacteria grow best in high temperatures, while others grow best at room temperature or even at low temperatures. Bacter... Read More »

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Does bad bacteria grow on food if put in refrigerator hot?

It could. But that's a big what-if. Bacteria need certain temperature to grow. And while hot food in a fridge will become that temp. it will only be there for several minutes tops. Also bacteria ha... Read More »

What rate does bacteria grow in a refrigerator?

How do I Grow Bacteria in Test Tubes?

Bacteria are microscopic organisms that grow and live everywhere, from the human mouth to the surfaces we touch. Humans carry bacteria, some of which are harmless and some that can cause serious il... Read More »

Will my makeup grow bacteria in my bathroom?

The steam form the shower makes bacteria grow on makeup.And it ages it.