Bacon sandwiches, what's the vegetarian equivalent?

Answer you can buy yeast strips but it defeats the object of the exercise doesn't it?

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Does God eat Bacon Sandwiches?

Well, he liked wine (the wedding feast at Cana) and we know he liked a bit of bread and fish - so I'm sure he enjoys a bacon buttie like most of us. Unlike some of the respondents he is not so po-f... Read More »

I love bacon and fried egg sandwiches.. Do you :)?

I could eat one or two every day. With a big glass of orange juice or a coke. Love it.

Vegetarian sandwiches?

Saute diced potatoes in a little olive oil. Add garlic granules, salt, pepper, pinch sugar and pinch curry powder. Mix around a bit, than splash in a little water. Cover and cook for 5-10 minutes u... Read More »

Would a vegetarian be allowed to eat bacon FAT (not meat)?