Bacon or sausages for Breakfast.?

Answer mmmmmmmmmm love sausages wrapped in bacon is that too greedy?

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Whats a breakfast without any bacon?

It can actually be pretty good. I like eating sunny side up eggs with some salt and pepper and jellied and buttered toast with raspberry jelly!

Bacon A Bowl of Cheerios Or a Pear Which from this list do you like better for Breakfast?

None really, but in these choices I'd choose a Pear. Have a good day Scooter

What was the price of a breakfast with eggs and bacon in a restaurant in 1920?

Besides eggs, bacon and sausage, what are some ways to get protein for breakfast?

Really, there's no law. You can use any of the proteins you use at any other meal: fish, poultry, beef, etc. Nothing wrong with eating dinner leftovers - lean steak or PIZZA for breakfast, yum!If y... Read More »