Bacon & Eggs Cereal Oatmeal Muffin Or Fruit Salad Which do you like more for breakfast?

Answer Oatmeal or CerealBut actually I like toast, it wasn't an option.. thought I'd put it there anyway =]

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Bacon & Eggs on an English Muffin A bowl of Cheerios Or a Fruit Salad Which from this list ->?

Out of all of them i would probably pick fruit salad, even though all the choices sound delicious!!!Goodnight Scooter :)

Fruit Salad Cereal Or Bagel for Breakfast Which from this list do you like best?

yum fruit salad only I have to make It or I wont eat It And some cereal lols.

A Bowl of Cereal A Bacon & Egg Sandwich Or a Fruit Salad Which would u prefer to start your morning?

Can't function without my bowl of Lucky Charms.Goodnight Scoot!

Scrambled Eggs A Bowl of Cocoa Puffs Cereal Or a Banana Nut Muffin Which do you like better?