Backup wizard where exactly is it found?

Answer You left out that vital piece of information, didn't you?Like what OS you have got!So assuming that you have got W 7 â–º Control Panel â–º Recovery â–º Restore your files â–º You now have a choice ... Read More »

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What exactly is sandalwood, and can it be found easily in stores?

It is a sacred oil from trees form India It is good for that as is geranium oil and frankincense oil. Make sure you get pure essential oils. I don't know how the treatments work.

Was it ever explained what exactly the baby was who got found in the last scene of the final episode of Lois and Clark the New Adventures of Superman?

According to websites- he was supposed to be the infant son of Kryptonian diplomats hiding him away. The fifth season was going to have episodes about him growing up into 21 years of age in just th... Read More »

Is there any more episodes after wizard of Waverly place who will be the family wizard?

No because it has been said that Selena Gomez has quit but I'm not sure. I do know that there will be no more episodes though

Who wins the wizard competition in family wizard?

It first appeared that Justin won the competition, but before he is named family wizard he admitted that Alex was in the lead and stopped to assist him, allowing him to win. Alex is named family wi... Read More »