Backing up files?

Answer The best alternative is the DVD. A single dual layer DVD can hold upto 9.4 GB of data each. Get a good DVD burner. ( I suggest using Asus or LiteOn or Imation)The CDRW is also reliable. You better ... Read More »

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What does backing up files mean?

Backing up files on your computer means creating a copy of data so that if the original data is lost, another copy exists. Files that are deemed important should be backed up as a precaution, and c... Read More »

Is there a website for backing up files thats legit?

How to Locate Files for Backing up Your Computer on Windows Vista?

These instructions will tell the location of these files on the local hard drive. The location of the crucial files for every account is hidden, for example things that need to be backed up are the... Read More »

Help!!! Backing up Itunes files from Laptop to Desktop?

I assume you already know where the iTunes folder is. Copy the iTunes folder onto the desktop. Put it somewhere besides where the desktop's music is located. In iTunes, add the files like you'd add... Read More »