Backed up file problems?

Answer You recovered your laptop to its factory settings so it doesn't remember anything about its past life, including where it put your backups - that is up to you!If you follow the instructions here ht... Read More »

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How to Fix the Problems on My Credit File?

Inaccuracies on your credit report can seriously impact your credit score. Three main credit reporting agencies are responsible for maintaining credit file information, but individual consumers mus... Read More »

Problems Opening Mac Word File on a PC?

Word documents that are created on the Word for Mac application are incompatible with the PC version of Word if the file extension ends in ".docx," as the docx format is intended for use with newer... Read More »

Outlook is Having Problems Opening CSV File Attachments?

Microsoft Outlook is a mail client program that can send and receive email from online mail servers. Users can send attachments along with the email, such as .csv files. Each time Outlook opens an ... Read More »

How to rectify indexed color problems in a print file. what will happen while generating film or while printin?

This sounds like a design and print assignment question....If You do some of your OWN research and read up on it you will be able to answer it yourself when you see how obvious the correct answer is.