Back to school makeup for a sophomore!!!?

Answer BB cream, concealer, translucent powder, blush, mascara, eyeliner, a light white or taupe eyeshadow, and neutral or light pink lip color.

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I need a new eye makeup look for back to school?

Hey my girlfriend has a beauty channel and shes so good and can really help with beauty and how you wear your makeup, clothing and etc. SHe has a couple really good back to school vids on there too... Read More »

What makeup should I buy for back to school ( list)?

for you, you want to keep your skin nice since you're in 7th only the essentials are needed.. anything else are add ons:- tinted moisturizer (i wouldnt go full out on foundation because ... Read More »

How to Apply Back to School Makeup?

Back to School Makeup for Oily SkinA step by step guide for how to apply back to school makeup for a flawless, natural look. These tips will keep your skin beautiful and acne free, so you can let y... Read More »

Back to School Hair/Makeup?

Personally, I wouldn't do your hair the same everyday. Mix it up! Do it straight one day, curly another, somedays in a ponytail or a bun, or braid your hair at night to crimp it! It's also really c... Read More »