Back to school hair, makeup, shoes, and outfit?

Answer You could wear a dress. The high-low style is really in, although I don't know if it'll look okay with your height. (oh, suck it.) also, you may be too fat at 115 (even though you're losing weight,... Read More »

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Back to School Hair/Makeup?

Personally, I wouldn't do your hair the same everyday. Mix it up! Do it straight one day, curly another, somedays in a ponytail or a bun, or braid your hair at night to crimp it! It's also really c... Read More »

Good Back to school hair and makeup?

Your going to school to learn and get an education...not to impress people, although its important that you make a good first impression. I would suggest that you keep your makeup very light and na... Read More »

Middle school back to school shopping and outfit ideas?

Short floral dresses are supposed to be really in this season so I would suggest any floral or colorful dresses. If I were you I would go to an H&M and see if you could fit into an XS because they... Read More »

Outfit, hair and makeup help?

Make up: Foundation but only tiny bit, make sure it is your colour though, a bit of bronzer and blusher (again don't go over board with it) mascara and liquid eyeliner on the top not too thick thou... Read More »