Back problems!?

Answer have him go to a chiropractor

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Back problems please help?

Try to get better posture, so when you sit in a chair have your lower back snug against the chair and keep your back touching the chair. Don't hunch. When you lift things use your legs more than yo... Read More »

Which is the best mattress for back problems?

On One Hand: Orthopaedic Mattresses Are a Good ChoiceOrthopaedic mattresses are designed to give firm but comfortable support. These mattresses are the traditional choice for people with bad backs.... Read More »

Lower back problems?

Yes U need to see a doctor. The popping Ur hearing is not normal & my guess is it's a ruptured disc or two. Please remember this. All we do to our bodies (lifting too much) we pay for by feeling... Read More »

Help back problems, Subluxation?

see an hio method chiropractor and keep your upper neck aligned.