Back problems!?

Answer have him go to a chiropractor

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Lower back problems?

Yes U need to see a doctor. The popping Ur hearing is not normal & my guess is it's a ruptured disc or two. Please remember this. All we do to our bodies (lifting too much) we pay for by feeling... Read More »

Back problems please help?

Try to get better posture, so when you sit in a chair have your lower back snug against the chair and keep your back touching the chair. Don't hunch. When you lift things use your legs more than yo... Read More »

Extreme lower back problems!?

I'd go to a&e, especially since you said it's gone numb, that's usually something that needs checking right away, otherwise you risk nerve damage.

Help back problems, Subluxation?

see an hio method chiropractor and keep your upper neck aligned.