Back pain which chair to buy?

Answer No opinion on the one you are looking at, but look at the herman miller aeron series.

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Which chair is better to avoide waist pain?

I would like to suggest you should buy Folding Commode Chair for waist pain which i have used. and it is very comfortable.

Which mattress is the best w/o breaking the bank, if you get lower back pain?

best to go out and check out mattresses at the storei'm sure a mattress expert will tell you which one is best suit for you.sleep number bed is supposed to be perfect for backache, don't know how m... Read More »

Which condition manifests the worst back pain symptoms in order of progression: herniated, extruded, ruptured?

I'm no pro, but I believe that ruptured is less pain than herniated, which in turn is less painful than extruded.

What is the cause of a sharp pain in the middle of the back which is making it difficult to get proper breathes in whilst pregnant?

This could be caused by a few different things, but it is most likely a dysfunctional rib, a very common and benign condition that is easily treated in many cases with a single visit to a chiroprac... Read More »