Back of knee hurts while doing middle split?

Answer a gentle knee massage might help

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My knee hurts after doing squats yesterday. i'm afraid i might have a tear. how can you tell if something?

Trust me you will know! It is a very sharp stabbing pain, and it throbs and swells. You will usually hear a pop when you do it and your knee will feel very unstable, like when you make certain move... Read More »

Knee hurts while it's bent and has weight on it at the same time?

silly rabbit...Go to your Dr....He will probably send you to an Orthropedic Surgeon who will probably get xrays of your knees, if that doesn't show anything probably will end up with an MRI t... Read More »

How to Arch Your Back While Doing a Back Handspring?

Arching your back is the key to doing a back handspring. If you fail to arch your back, you could seriously injure your joints and possibly pull or tear a muscle. It's also essential that you arch ... Read More »

What do you do if the lower part of your back hurts while pregnant?

Answer First make sure they are not contractions. Try to see a chiropractor. Most will treat and adjust even while your pregnant. Some people look down on chiropractors. If I did not go see one... Read More »