Back is hurting and I don't know why.?

Answer yeah belly dancing is probably why keep doing the classess and make sure you warm up and down fully before each lesson. You probably just have sore muscles because you havn't used them before. If i... Read More »

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I had a blood test yesterday from my back hand and now my back hand vein is hurting. Why is it hurting?

Whenever you have a needle stuck into a vein there is a degree of bruising. You may feel some discomfort for a few days but it will go. I have both given blood and also been cannulated many times a... Read More »

I'm 14 and I Have back pain, I dont know why?

Im 14 as well and I have back pain. It is probably because if the we sit and slouch in our desks and when in the computer. And don't crack your back, its bad for and you could make it even worse.... Read More »

Im 16 and i think i am breasts are swollen and the bottom of my back aches i dont know what 2do?

My computer screen pic is HUGE and I dont know how to get it back to normal. Can someone please help?

If your wallpaper "seems" to move around when you move your mouse, it sounds like the "magnifier" is on.To check, click the "Windows logo" key + U.To read more about it, click the link below:http:/... Read More »