Back dimples with excercise?

Answer Yes diet and exercise helps you lose weight

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How to define back dimples?

i agree they are cute, and guys do find them attractive btw. so to define them do dead lifts, i heard this at my gym:)

Do eye excercise really make your vision better?

Yes, Yes, why not ? Various exercises are there for various eye diseases. If the patient do these sincerely, they will get a great improvement in their vision. Now read these carefully ( for sa... Read More »

Does it matter if u eat alot, but then go excercise.?

Two items that have been failed to be addresed in all of the responses thus far are your goals. 1. Are you trying to lose fat? Gain muscle mass? Both?2. What type of workout? Cardio? Resistan... Read More »

Excercise question....can anyone help A bit embarrassing, but here goes?

Okay...the exercise you are doing is good. If you increase the muscular strength of your thighs you will increase the size (some what) which will cause the cellulite to become more prominent at fi... Read More »