Back aches during period?

Answer It has been for me. Those are cramps. Take it easy and use a heating pad if they get bad.

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What do you get worse on your period, cramps or back aches?

BOTH and extreme pain. Like lying in the fetal position and crying with a hot water bottle and tub of ice cream. Every month.

If your period is four days late and you have stomach aches and headaches is it likely you are pregnant?

Answer Those are both signs of pregnancy AND PMS. You really need to take a HPT and confirm it as if you are, you need to begin prenatal vitamins and care immediately.

You had sex in the pool a day after your period and now you have a brown vaginal discharge and stomach aches is this a sign of pregnancy?

Bacterial InfectionYou are not pregnant . You have a bacterial infrction. And it can only be cured by a Doctor.You should use condoms next time AnswerYou might have got clorine up in your "thang" ... Read More »

Weird stomach aches keep coming back?

seems because of stress.can get serious if the problem continues.-Anti-anxiety, antidepressants -Antacids-Hherbal remedies also help in reducing indigestion problems. Herbs such as peppermint, ging... Read More »