Bachelor of Management Studies Projects?

Answer Students who are looking to earn a bachelor's degree in management studies will find themselves pitted against many different challenges as they pursue their degree. Many projects in classes that c... Read More »

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Difference in a Bachelor of Liberal Studies and a Bachelor of Arts?

The liberal arts degree has a history as long as university education itself. When universities were first founded in the Middle Ages in Europe, students and professors alike believed that the goal... Read More »

What Are the Studies for a Bachelor's Degree?

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What can i do with a bachelor's degree in general studies?

A Bachelor of General Studies, or BGS degree, is a broad degree for those who would like experience in more than one subject matter, according to Education Portal.The FactsStudents interested in a ... Read More »

The Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies?

Development studies, broadly speaking, is the study of social and economic development across the world. The focus in development studies is exclusively on developing countries, or countries that a... Read More »