Babysitting Ideas/activities please?

Answer well, if you arent watching them at their house, your watching them at yours? the 4 month old with be a breeze because at that age they dont really expect to be entertained, and are content to be h... Read More »

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How to Put Together a Babysitting Bag?

When you babysit, you may want some kids to have a variety of toys and things to play with and use. They will have their own toys, but it helps to be prepared.

How to Set up a Babysitting Co op?

An editor has suggested a title changeHow to Set Up a Babysitting Co Op In accordance with the title policy, titles should be the most concise, most commonly searched way to describe the content. T... Read More »

How to Put Children to Bed While Babysitting?

When the child your babysitting won't go to sleep, try this!

How to Charge for Babysitting?

Providing babysitting services can be a helpful way to augment your income. Caring for other people's children is also a good way to start learning responsibility and earning money while you are st... Read More »