Baby's temporary medi-cal expired! Help! ?

Answer Ask your doctor's office as you make the appointment for her vaccination. Only they can tell you.

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What does Medi-Medi mean?

The term refers to a project being undertaken by a dozen or so states to compare and analyze together claims data generated under Medicare and Medicaid programs. The purpose is to uncover fraud and... Read More »

You are trying to sell your car and your insurance has expired but can you buy temporary insurance until it's sold?

Answer you only need to insure the car if you intend to continue driving it. You should be able to continue your current insurance and discontinue it when the time to sell comes around. Tell your i... Read More »

Is it safe to drink an expired sealed grounded coffee(expired 7yrs ago)?

no problem at allmay not be as stronginvite friends over and serve it and see response

I drank expired OJ please help!?

You will be fine. If it wasn't good anymore, it would have tasted funny or even disgusting and it would have had mold on the bottle or carton opening, which I assume it did not. Todays foods and dr... Read More »