Baby sis got stung by bee,HELP!!!?

Answer I have been keeping honey bees for several years now and i feel pretty confident about answering this one. Some form of benidryl or antihistamine will help with the itching and possibly the swellin... Read More »

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What to do when stung by a bee?

Put ice on it... Does wonders... If it doesn't go away soon, go to a hospital, you could be allergic.. And take an allergy pill asap

Just got stung by a bee D:<?

first try and get the stinger out if its still in you. do NOT try and pull it out with your finger or tweezers all you'll do is squeeze the venom from the stinger into the open wound. use like a cr... Read More »

My 4 yr old son got stung?

He should be fine.Unless he shows signs of being allergic, you've done all, maybe more, than necessary.

I got stung by something I think! Please help me!?

You are describing a local reaction to a bite/sting. maybe a mosquito?